Saturday, July 24, 2010

Her name

Whenever I see her name
it brings forth memories unbound
and i long when the physique is not found

it seems i have lost all the drives
life seems devoid of purposes
equally treating days and nights
i question the survival....

all the strength seems to be lost
and i just wait for the moments to be over
for 'the moments' to be over.......


Bura jo dekhna mein chala,
Bura na miliya koi,
Jo dil khojo apna,
Mujhsa bura na koi.

-- Kabir ke dohe

English version:

When I went out to find bad/ evil
I couldn't find anyone
when i searched my heart
i found that there was nobody as bad/ evil as me!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clinging will remain

In the busiest of the places,
During darkest of the nights and sunniest of the days,
I couldn't let go of her thoughts,

Rather I always found her,
Close by, nearer than ever,
As if she was caressing me,
With her thoughts & smiles,

Never I think will come the day,
Devoid of her thoughts,
Clinging will remain,
Making me suffer,

Buddha might smile yet he may realize,
Bearing fruits of the karmas and having to suffer,
Will create compassion and make me see her everywhere,
She will always be part of my persona
Guiding me to may be salvation.....