Monday, March 29, 2010

The Butterfly

She came with full of colors
building lots of expectations
i, in my ignorance, broke the barriers
which had kept me covered
from the harsh realities of relations

she went away creating false hopes
i clung to them with lots of aspirations
when finally the reality struck
i was left with several questions
why the purpose has always been to hurt
play with my emotions
has my karma been so inappropriate
that it lacked responses appropriate

no more wait for the responses
now life will be a journey with only hopes for others

may the Buddha always be with her
showering the blessings ever
now it is the end of the path
so religiously followed by many before and many after
wish better luck to others
with the hope that you don't suffer

May the butterfly flutter
flying long distances with beautiful wings as always as ever

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today's Dream

today i saw a dream
the sufferer was someone known to me
i woke up with perspiration
and thought a lot about my aspiration
how would I like to live in this world
the conception about pleasure seems to be flawed
how can i gain
when someone suffers from pain

i rushed to him after a while
told him friend i am here and you should smile
we will work out something together
the pain should not make you suffer forever
i saw comfort in his eyes
sense of gratitude in his expressions
i thought of his sufferings
felt happy with my knowledge offerings and expectations of new things

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Her Arrival!

she came like a beautiful breeze
full of hope, full of dream
making me question all my beliefs

nothing i knew could answer 'the question'
making me confused more than ever

i sit here talking to myself
was it my destiny or just a dream?

i could smell her even in her absence
longing to feel her physical presence

not knowing when will i meet her again
i sit here talking to myself
was it my destiny or just a dream?