Thursday, April 1, 2010

the journey so far

I had been wandering searching for something
knowing a bit and trying some with 'the wings'
the more I searched and the more I was sure
the more I felt complacent and may be bored

then suddenly an acquaintance appeared
finally to disappear
making me question
the strength of my conviction
I centred my thoughts around 'the one'
finally to realise it wasn't meant to be
my purpose was somewhere else

'the one' is just a stage
to bring me out of the cage
to let me learn how to let go
not to hold on
and to follow my dreams
to accept whatever it may bring

it is easier said than done
yet I will have to try
even if I may to have to cry

the journey of life
is full of strife
this recognition is the most liberating position

this journey so far
has been kind of a war

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